Every day the market moves faster causing many transformations, from CREW believe in change, we listen and adapt to it constantly. Our objective is to dream up audiovisual products and quality services, we constantly gain the influence of new technologies.

For us, the most important fact is not only the new technologies, but are the ideas, the ideas of our customers. It is not enough to imagine it, we must show, and turn them in something almost tangible. In CREW we work with tools such as the storyboard and animatics. For turning ideas into sketches and designs, which facilitate the understanding and development of projects between the different departments.

These powerful preview tools of a project are used in pre-production, encouraging the planning and guiding the budgeting. Stationary or moving images that require a rigorous creative process in which art, technique and film culture should be applied effectively.

From CREW we believe in these tools and we give to them the importance that they deserve since they require a previous and precise study of frame by frame, shot by shot, and scene by scene. To adapting and focusing the ideas to the needs of the product or audiovisual services, as well as, the effective management of logistics between departments.

For us a tool is itself art. In CREW we offer to our customers all kinds of storyboards in colour or black and white, full of details on high quality and quick sketches showing the concept or idea. These are commonly used in advertising and fiction and we implement to all audiovisual project that requires it.

With these tools and many more, we consider that only satisfying the needs of our customers, we will achieve our own objectives, developing projects properly and with the best conditions.